Watch Tinder’s Heads of Product Talk Monetisation, Snapchat’s Inspiration & The Future Of Tinder

Brian Norgard

Last year, the executives who run product at Tinder gave an enlightening interview at the Slush festival in Helsinki, Finland.

Co-head of product and head of revenue at Tinder, Brian Norgard, and fellow product co-head Ankur Jain spoke to Mike Salmi about the dating product’s journey over the past few years.

Having been named the highest-grossing dating app in the world, Norgard talks about how he believes the app’s monetisation has succeeded because Tinder’s ease of use “fuels the business behind it”.

In the wide-ranging 20 minute interview, the two product heads – who both joined Tinder after their startups Humin and Tappy were acquired by the Hollywood app – also speak about how the company has continued to grow, Snapchat’s inspiration, and how Tinder plans to evolve over the coming years.

Check out the full interview below: