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#GDI12Days 2016, July: ‘Pokemon GO Sees More Android Installs Than Tinder After Just One Day’

Pokemon GO
This republished story is an answer to the #GDI12Days 2016 quiz.

Mobile gaming sensation Pokemon GO generated more Android downloads than Tinder in just one day.

The app, which brings the virtual world of Pokemon into the real world, was released on the 6th July and has taken the US by storm.

And the mobile game, which is currently only officially available in the US, New Zealand and Australia, is seeing incredible growth, rivalling both Tinder & Twitter just days after launch.

This is according to data from Similar Web, which found that Pokemon GO was downloaded onto 5.16% of all Android devices in the US by 8th July.

And just a day after its release, the mobile app had been downloaded on more Android devices than Tinder.

Pokemon GO
And of these Pokemon Go users, 60% are using the app daily, meaning that 3% of the entire US Android population is playing on the app.

Obviously this engagement figure is so high because the game has only been out for a few days, and will very likely drop significantly over the coming weeks and months, but at the moment it puts the platform neck and neck with Twitter in terms of daily active users on Android.

And Similar Web thinks that Pokemon Go will overtake Twitter’s number of DAUs in the coming days.

In addition to this, players of Pokemon GO are also currently using the app for over 43 minutes a day, which is higher than the usage rates of WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and Messenger.

Pokemon GO
Although Pokemon GO is currently only available in the US, Australia and New Zealand, Pokemon fans in other countries can download the app using a series of workarounds such as APK Mirror, which lets you bypass the official app store.

In a blog post, Similar Web said: “Since the app’s release, traffic to apkmirror.com absolutely exploded, increasing from just over 600,000 visits on July 5th to over 4 million visits on July 6th.

“This traffic to APKMirror came mostly via Organic Search Traffic and over the 28 day period from June 10th to July 7th, 19.6% of desktop search traffic came from the search term “pokemon go apk”.  In total, 30.5% of all desktop search traffic over this time period came from searches with the term “pokemon” in them.”

The massive interest in the app has seen Nintendo stocks surge more than 20%, the company recording its best one-day performance since 1983, adding $7bn to the company’s value.

For people in the rest of the world, it is unclear when Pokemon Go will become officially available, with Nintendo saying the release in countries like the UK has been “paused” for the time being.

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