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We’ve Reached One Million Video Story Views!

In late August we launched Video Stories – an exciting new feature that gives members the opportunity to communicate more openly and to authentically share their true selves via video. Today we’re proud to share that we have reached one million story views across our partners’ dating sites. 

What are video stories?

Video stories are short video clips that expire after 24 hours. Each video clip sits at the top of the member’s area on both desktop and mobile devices. They can be easily viewed by other members simply by clicking on a video.

Why we launched video stories?

Stories are an increasingly sought-after tool for most social networking users and this is no different for daters using online dating sites – this is exactly why we’ve brought video stories to the White Label Dating platform. We want to empower members to share content more frequently, in a much more fun way.

Traditional dating profiles tend to only highlight a user’s most polished photos and can hide their unfiltered personalities. Using video stories, we’re helping members connect, engage and share within tolerant, inclusive communities that help people live their happily ever now.

What it means for our partners

The boost in story content has significantly increased engagement across the platform. This is proven to be positively correlated with increases in new paying subscribers for our partners. This means your sites will see more upgrades and your campaigns will achieve a better ROI for the same amount of spend.

We’re extremely pleased with how members are adopting this new feature. Now we’ve hit one million story views, more and more members are sharing content and we expect story sharing, and views, to compound! 

Our new video stories feature is paving the way for lots more exciting product developments. Keep your eyes peeled as we’ll soon be sharing more information about our next release, video profiles, which is coming in the very near future.

For more information about video stories, contact us via email here.

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