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WLD Decrease CPLs and Maximise Partner Profits

White Label Dating are providing bespoke reporting to all partners to support campaign optimisation and decrease CPLs using detailed age, gender and device specific data analysis

In recent weeks we’ve been actively working to help review all partner’s dating portfolios with the aim of supporting campaign optimisation and decreasing ‘cost per leads’. After astronomical recent success in metric analysis with a focus on age, gender, and device, to name but a few, we’re confident that our bespoke reports will ensure partners are targeting the right people, for the right cost!

Demographic and device specific analysis of dating traffic is becoming increasingly more crucial in ensuring partners are making the most out of every pound spent.

Age specific campaign

Targeting by age is absolutely vital – especially if sites are niched to a specific audience e.g. mature like www.justseniorsingles.com. The graph below shows the difference in same-day conversion rate by age range across the WLD platform’s Mainstream network. We can see that the older the user, the greater their propensity to pay, so accurate bid adjustments can be made accordingly.

Our bespoke reports provide this information at a campaign and even at a keyword level, meaning partners can apply comprehensive targeting to maximise their profits.

Target by device

Mobile visits make up over 60% of all traffic to the WLD platform and converts 10% less than desktop traffic on almost all sites – regardless of network. It’s important to consider which device conversions are coming from when building and optimising campaigns as it means bids can be increased or decreased accordingly. Why spend the same for each device when ROI varies?

If desktop traffic converts 10% higher than mobile, partners can effectively spend 10% more per lead, if all other metrics remain equal. Even with slight variance across each network, geo, and site, this granular level will help to maximise ROI.

Gender specific targeting

Males generally convert 40% better than females across the platform. If partners begin to target males and females separately, driving higher converting genders to their sites by targeting gender specific networks or spending more per lead to ensure the right people are registering, the incoming revenues will increase as well as partner profits.

Seems simple right? It certainly can be – the WLD Partner Team are on hand to provide complete campaign guidance, from data interpretation to streamlining and optimisation of campaigns – all with the end goal of maximising partner profits and increasing revenues.

If you’re a current partner, get in touch with partnersupport@whitelabeldating.com today to request your bespoke reports encompassing a breakdown of age, gender and device per source and campaign

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