Lulu’s Truth Bombs Adds Secret-Style Questions To Engage Female Community


Lulu, the sex and relationship community app for women, has introduced a new way for users to connect and share advice.

Called Truth Bombs, the feature lets both men and women post Secret-style questions or statements, which other users can reply to.

The app, which started as a female-only male-rating app, before changing their policy and expanding their focus, has seen great engagement with the new feature.

Truth Bombs was initially launched as a place for guys to ask questions about sex and relationships, but when the feature took off – over half a million replies from girls – Lulu made it more of a female-orientated forum for advice and support.

In a blog post, they said:

“Looking for the strength to stop drunk-texting your ex? Need some honest advice on whether to get bangs? You can now get candid and immediate feedback from millions of women on Lulu. It’s like having a trustworthy group of girlfriends in your pocket at all times!”


Lulu also has a Dear Dude column, where men answer questions posed by female users of the app.

While not a dating app, Lulu has managed to build a strong brand by focusing on creating a community for women, and some of their features and ideas could definitely be used by dating apps looking to nurture more of a community-feel and increase engagement by making their service more social.

In March, Lulu changed their policy towards men on the app, after some criticism, and a lawsuit, about their opt-out policy.

They changed the app so men have to sign up to be rated, and have access to their ratings.

Visit Lulu here.