MeetMe Launch Icebreaker App Choosy

Meet Me

MeetMe have started 2014 with the launch of a new icebreaker app, Choosy.

The app, currently only for Android, works by logging in through Facebook and choosing from a number of icebreakers – or creating your own –  that you want other users to answer.

You then accept or reject the answers given, and if you like their answer – you are connected.

Geoff Cook, CEO of MeetMe, said: “Many users of social apps, like Tinder, tend to be bombarded with low-quality messages like ‘hey,’ or ‘what’s up.’ 

“Choosy solves this problem by using simple icebreaker questions. Rather than relying on double-sided matches based only on the quality of a profile photo, Choosy drives high-quality conversations by helping its users say something of interest.”


Last year, MeetMe released the Vine-inspired video app, Charm, and have started this year off with another interesting concept.

The company seems to be moving both with, and away, from apps like Tinder – using similar concepts and functionalities, but letting the user’s personality, rather than looks, take centre stage.

Catherine Cook, co-founder and VP of Brand Strategy at MeetMe, said: “Choosy’s mission, as well as the mission for all of our apps, is to facilitate and deepen connections among people.

“Choosy provides a useful filter. Only people who answer your question ‘right’ can message you — and now you have something to talk about.”

The app is available for Android here, and is expected to be released for iPhone in the next few weeks.