Facebook Bring Deep Linking To App-Install Ads



Facebook has recently added new deep linking capabilities to its app install ads.

The new feature will let developers and advertisers send consumers to a particular in-app purchase page once they download an app.

Previously, merchants selling through Facebook’s in-app ads have had to convince users to download the app, then hope they can find the advertised purchase.

However now, when a person taps on a mobile app-install ad on Facebook, the developer can choose to send them to a specific place in the app.

In theory what this should do is remove the unnecessary steps a customer has to take when they make in-app purchases from an advertiser.

Developers can now send users directly to the content which initially attracted their attention.

To start using the feature, developers can use App Links, Facebook’s open cross-platform standard for deep linking on mobile.

For those who haven’t enabled App Links, they can add deep links in a new field in the ad creation tool.

In their earnings report for Q1 2015, Facebook revealed they earned $3.32bn in ad revenue.

Find out how to ad deep links to your Facebook ads here.