Zoosk Using Widen To Help Marketing Team Promote Brand

zooskZoosk is now using Widen Media Collective for its digital assets management needs.

The San Francisco-based dating company is using Widen’s DAM system to help manage and promote its brand image.

The system will help Zoosk’s team easily locate the right match of images for banner ads and other promotional pieces.

This is something Katherine Knight, Brand Marketing Manager at Zoosk, said their marketing team was finding increasingly difficult: “We have a ton of different images and banners and it’s difficult to sort through folders. Being able to search by categories and metadata would increase our team productivity.”

After testing demos of different systems, Knight said their creative team picked Widen, which allows them to preview flash files and search for text within documents and pdfs.

Knight said the service will help the marketing team easily search for images, and understand which are available and approved for promotional use:

“If it’s on there, then they know it’s approved and meets our guidelines. In the past six months, our branding became the number one priority, so having an official place for these assets helps us ensure consistency.”

Zoosk recently formally withdrew their IPO plans, something they shelved at the end of 2014, when its co-founders stepped down from leadership positions.

Zoosk’s VP of marketing, Carol Mahoney, recently spoke about the challenges the company faced with regards to motivating and engaging their workforce following these big changes.

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