Tinder Will Make Money With Undo Button and Travel Feature


Tinder’s new premium features will let users country-hop to swipe overseas singles, and click an “undo” button to replenish profiles that were accidentally dismissed.

The two new features were announced in the same Forbes article that revealed Sean Rad was stepping down as CEO of Tinder.

The first is a travel-based feature, which allows you to change your location – to say New York, Rio or Barcelona – and swipe through matches there.

On one hand, it could be used for pre-travel arrangements, but a secondary use could be to swipe through another city’s matches, if you run out of local users.

The second new feature is an “undo” button which, for a currently undisclosed price, will let you override an accidental swipe.

In the Forbes exclusive about Rad’s demotion, the former CEO also said the company were working on something called Tinder Places.

This would use beacons to connect Tinder with users at a hyper-local level, if they were at bars, shopping centres or parks.

Rad said: “We have to get into thousands of locations around the world. Then there’s the technical challenge of potentially billions of transactions happening on the cloud. You’re talking about a pretty massive operational project.”

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