New Service ‘Sorry It’s Over’ Will Break Up With Someone For You


With so many dating services out there to help you start a relationship, there’s now one that will help you end them.

Australian company Sorry It’s Over lets you outsource your breakups – whether you are splitting up with your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or mistress.

The service allows you to break up with your partner in a number of ways, each costing a different amount.

For $5 AUS – which is around $4/£2.50 – you can break up via SMS or email, for $12 you get a phone call, or a posted letter for $13.50.

For those wanting a more personal touch, flowers will cost $77, a “sympathy hamper” will set you back $90, and a personal meeting with their representative is $66.


Once you’ve decided what level is most appropriate, you can pick from a choice of messages, which include:

– “We haven’t been seeing eye to eye lately. I feel we are too different. It’s me not you. There is no chemistry anymore. I am really sorry but it’s over. I hope you will be ok. We can still be friends.”

– “How dare you treat me like this. It’s over and I couldn’t be happier. I deserve better than you. You will never find anyone as good as me!”

Sorry It’s Over was created by 37-year-old Australian Kristy Mazins, who said it’s perfect for younger generations who are tech savvy, but afraid of confrontation.

As they site says: “It’s never easy to separate, so let us do your dirty work. Why bother telling your lover goodbye yourself. Who needs the grief and who has the time?

“It’s tiresome when you have had enough of your partner. You have to make up some reason why don’t want to be with them any more. Then you have to decide how to deliver the news.”

“Why look them in the eye and watch the hurt? No one wants to deal with all that screaming, sobbing, begging and emotional pleas of ‘just one more chance’.”

The service is currently live in Australia, and the personal meeting option is only available within 40km of Melbourne.

Visit their site here.