Australian Group Exposing Tinder Paedophiles Have Shut Down


The Australian group who secretly filmed male Tinder users meeting an underage girl have shut down.

In a video posted to their Twitter account, one group member called Blake said they would not be posting any more videos.

In the video, Blake takes issue with media reports labelling them as “vigilantes” attempting to “entrap” the men, and said they had not, as some reports suggested, broken any laws.

In the YouTube videos, the group created a profile for a 15-year-old girl called Imogen – who in reality was 21 years old.

Although her profile said Imogen was 18, her bio said: “Not actually 18! My age is set wrong on Facebook and I can’t change it. Actually 15.”


They then swiped right through lots of men on Tinder, and chatted to those who were not put off by her age, eventually inviting them round to Imogen’s house.

The encounters were then secretly filmed.

After they posted two videos, the media caught hold of the operation, getting press in The Daily Mail and the Sydney Morning Herald, amongst others.

In the video, Blake says: “For the record there are more than just three encounters. We filmed about 10 and had more in the works.”

However the group decided not to post the rest of the videos, after the police asked them not to.

Their accounts on Facebook, and Tinder, were also deleted.

Watch the original video below: