New York Beauty Queen Suing To Get Details About Her Scammer


A former New York beauty queen is suing to find out who is using her pictures in a fake profile.

Meaghan Jarensky, who was a finalist in the 2005 Miss USA pageant, was recently shown the profile by a friend, according to the New York Post.

The profile, named 1078 Yogi, uses Jarensky’s photographs, along with personal details and specific information about her career.

The dating profile says she is “looking for Mr. Big”, “a good time” and will “satisfy and appreciate you”.

Although the 36-year-old married beauty queen contacted and had the profile removed from the site, she is looking for information about the person who set the profile up.

Jarensky wants the name, email address, IP address and phone number of the scammer. is based in Dallas, Texas, and say they won’t had out such information without a court order.

In order to get the information, Jarensky needs a subpoena, and filed court document last Friday to get one.

A spokesperson said: “We are deeply committed to the privacy of our users and won’t give out sensitive account information unless it’s requested by law-enforcement officials or approved by a court of law.

“Ms. Jarensky’s attorneys know that and have made this filing as a procedural tool to gain access to these records.”