San Fran Startup Founder Uses Tinder To Help ID Office Thieves


The founder of a San Francisco startup has used Tinder to try and catch thieves who allegedly stole laptops from their office.

David Petersen, the co-founder of BuildZoom, made a Tinder profile of a woman they believe stole equipment from their offices.

The profile has a CCTV photo of a woman, with the caption “I rob offices in SF” and offering a $5,000 reward for any identifying information.

In a blog on the BuildZoom site, Petersen said that “this seemed like the easiest way to get her face in front of a few thousand San Francisco residents.”


The thieves are accused of stealing over 15 Apple computers and seven tablets from the BuildZoom offices.

And after an ABCNews piece on their efforts to identify the burglars, Petersen was contacted by a nearby startup that was burglarised back in July.

In a further update to their BuildZoom blog, he wrote: “We believe we have identified the burglar. It’s a local San Francisco woman who has been convicted of similar crimes in the past. An acquaintance of hers emailed with photographs and additional information. It certainly looks like her. “

BuildZoom is a startup that helps people remodel their homes by looking at the building permit records for millions of contractors.

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