ODA Holding Seminar on UK Consumer Law Change

Online Dating Association
Industry standards body the Online Dating Association are holding a seminar in London about forthcoming changes to UK consumer law.

The Consumer Contracts Regulation Seminar will explain these new regulations – which come into force in June 2014 – how they effect online dating companies and how to comply.

The event is being held with specialist law firm, Wiggin LLP, and will take place in their London office on May 8th.​

The seminar, led by Wiggin lawyers David Deakin and Orlando Wells, will include:

  • The legal background to the regulations
  • An outline of how the regulations will apply to online contracts
  • Discussion of the significant differences between the current legal position and the new regulations
  • Tips on what to do next and how to prepare for June
  • An overview of further legislation currently under consideration which is set to make sweeping changes to UK consumer law.

The event is on Thursday 8th May at 5pm, and will be followed by drinks.

It will be held at Wiggin LLP, 10th Floor Met Building, 22 Percy Street, London, W1T 2BU.

It is open to members and non-members of the ODA, but members will be allocated space as a priority.

To attend the event, contact ann@onlinedatingassociation.org.uk.

The Online Dating Association is a standards body for the online dating industry which launched last year.

Visit their site here.