36% of Indian Women Feel Emotionally Unsatisfied

A new study from Gleeden, one of the world’s biggest extramarital dating apps, has revealed how emotional disconnect is one of the key factors contributing to infidelity. It revealed that 36% of females and 32% of males report feeling emotionally unsatisfied in their relationships.

According to the survey, 33% of respondents believe that one of the main factors contributing to infidelity is emotional disconnect. They define this as the gradual or abrupt loss of emotional connection between spouses.

Some of the reasons behind this separation are the hectic modern lifestyle, changing societal conventions, and growing expectations.

The study spoke with 1,500 people from 12 Tier 1 and Tier 2 Indian cities. It found that across this group, 26% claimed that they are partially happy in their relationship.

To resolve issues of emotional disconnect, Gleeden advises that open conversations about emotional needs, expectations, and objectives are crucial. “To keep emotional closeness as a cornerstone of their relationship, both partners must consciously work to comprehend each other’s emotional landscapes”, it continues.

“The preservation of social and familial ties holds great significance in the deeply traditional Indian civilization. However, under these structures, personal goals and emotional needs can occasionally take a backseat”, says Sybil Shiddell, Country Manager, Gleeden, India.

“This creates circumstances where people, particularly women, may look for emotional fulfilment in relationships other than their primary ones. Women are frequently expected by culture to take care of others, which leaves them with few opportunities for emotional expression and personal development”, she adds.

You can find out more about Gleeden on its website here.