5 Features To Increase Dating App Engagement

Marina Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer at XOXO highlighted 5 features that will increase engagement on dating apps. XOXO is a dating app that harnesses gamification features to build connections among its diverse userbase. 

In an article for Forbes, Anderson shares that dating apps should be looking at how to stay ahead of the competition, and that incorporating innovative features will boost user engagement. 

Ultimately, she shares that dating platforms should be offering more to users than simply swiping and matches. Here are 5 features she recommends to build engagement:

  1. Avatars

Anderson recommends giving users the ability to express themselves via avatars. These digital characters give users the ability to show off a side of themselves they want others to see, or even represent parts of their personalities.

These creations can help boost engagement by requiring user activity to remain ‘healthy’ in the app, Anderson highlights. 

2. Maximise Inclusivity

While apps are offering filters such as age, gender, race, location, body type, etc, these features may be impacting app engagement rather than raising it, Anderson identifies. 

Apps offering filters based on superficial details may discourage users, particularly ones from the LGBTQ+ community, people of colour, and those with disabilities, she shares.

To find a true and genuine connection, many dating app users would accept matching with someone who’s not their typical “match type”, Anderson writes. Therefore creating an inclusive space without filters, may boost engagement after all.

3. Gamification

Rewarding users with badges for completing tasks on a dating app or engaging with the community can keep users interested, Anderson shares.

With only basic matching features, dating platforms can be boring and nerve-wracking as users idly wait for possible matches. She highlights that in-app activities or games can give users a reason to stay within the app.

4. Group Chats

Dating apps can go beyond romantic matching, and look to cure users’ loneliness. Creating group chats among users with similar interests can help build connections without the pressure of romantic dates, Anderson shares.

5. Quizzes

Quizzes, including ones that explore different personality traits, are a fun activity for users, Anderson highlights. Apps can also consider encouraging users to take quizzes as they set up their profile, helping them understand themselves so they can match better matches.

As users find interesting or meaningful results to their quizzes, sharing these conclusions with other members of the community can generate interest.

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