70% of Paid Search Impressions Now Land on Mobile

A new study from marketing technology firm Kenshoo has found that over 70% of paid search impressions now take place on mobile devices.

Examining data from Q3 2019, the company also found that 54% of search ad spend is now directed at mobile. The figure was up from 50% of spend in Q2.

Covering the report, Robert Williams at Mobile Marketer advised brands to ensure their online content was optimised for mobile viewing as 2020 approaches.

Many of the key findings related to social media marketing. Social media CPM fell 3% year-on-year, while social spend rose 32%. 

Much of the increase was driven by Instagram ads and investment into video content; Stories are approaching 25% of Instagram spend.

The analysis reads: “With 2 billion+ social media users worldwide, social advertising continues to be a top choice for marketers. The channel offers some of the best audience targeting options for brands looking to reach highly segmented consumers at scale. 

“Social publishers are constantly innovating, offering more and more creative ways for advertisers to drive awareness at the top of the funnel, build interest in the middle, and convert customers at the bottom.

Kenshoo outlined a number of other trends, including a sharp rise in Pinterest spend in 2019 and a decline in the popularity of traditional television advertisements.

The data sample used in the study contains over 500 billion impressions, 13 billion clicks and $5.5 billion in advertiser spending. 

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