AgeGO Launches New Age Verification Solution


AgeGO has just launched its age verification solution which, it hopes will reach a massive amount of users.

AgeGO is funded by EXOGROUP, an umbrella brand for a group of companies that includes ExoClick.

The solution has been created as a tool to help online businesses verify the age of their users before allowing them to view age restricted content.

The new solution has come as the UK starts to prepare to implement the Digital Economy Act next month.

The new UK law will state that an approved age verification system is then required to be in place for all UK traffic who are viewing adult content online.

The law will apply to any domestic or foreign websites with any UK visitors. Other countries will also be monitoring the implementation.

AgeGO’s Product Director Sébastien Moutte said: “Our solution allows publishers to instantly verify their visitor’s age with our easy to implement Age Verification script. User data is totally anonymous and AgeGO’s solution can be integrated in seconds ensuring the publisher’s site is compliant with age-restricted content regulations.”

Moutte added: “With AgeGO, our message to users is: check your age and GO access content knowing that your identity data is fully protected and kept anonymous.”

Read more on AgeGO’s website here.

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