Apple Unveils New iPhone 7 With Faster Processor And Wireless Headphones

iPhone 7

As expected, Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus yesterday at its San Francisco press conference.

The new iPhone will include a handful of new features, including wireless headphones, a new and improved home button and longer battery life.

And the new device will be powered by Apple’s new faster processor, Apple A10 Fusion.

However, the iPhones which are set to become available to order from this Friday (9th September), have caused some controversy with the new wireless headphone feature.

Instead of the usual headphone jack, the new iPhone model will include Lightning EarPods, which can be plugged into the phone’s charging port.

And the phone will also come with Apple AirPods – wireless headphones powered by a W1 chip.

The Apple AirPods will work using infrared sensors to detect when they are in users’ ears and motion sensors will activate Siri for voice commands if the headphones are tapped.

And with a battery life of just 5 hours, the AirPods will need charging using the recharging case, which will extend the battery life for another 24 hours.

The iPhone 7 will also include stereo speakers, with one at each end of the handset, therefore improving sound quality and volume compared to the 6 model.

As well as the updated headphones, the new iPhones will include a new pressure sensitive home button, giving users more feedback when used.

And battery life will also see improvements, with the iPhone 7 lasting 14 hours on WiFi and 12 hours on 4G and the iPhone 7 Plus is expected to last for 15 hours when using both WiFi and 4G.

There is also said to be improvements to the iPhone’s camera, offering better photographs and video recording abilities.

Finally, the new models will be water resistant, and will come in two new colours –  matte black and glossy black – as well as silver, gold and rose gold.

Apple also released a new version of its smartwatch at yesterday’s conference, describing it as the “ultimate fitness device”, as the Apple Watch Series Two is set to be water resistance.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available to order 9th September and shipping is expected to begin 16th September.

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