Australians Spend $80m On Dating Services Every Year

Australians spend a total of $80.7m on online dating services every year.

But this is just a fraction of what they spend on the entire process of dating annually, which totals $11.65bn, according to a new report from ING Direct.

This figure includes both the date itself, which costs $79 on average, and pre-date preparation like new clothes, shoes and grooming.

And with one third of Australians going on two or more first dates every month, this total quickly adds up.

In terms of dating services, one in five Australians have paid for online dating services, whether for subscriptions to eHarmony or Tinder, or for professional matchmakers.

This combines to form an annual total spend of $80.7m.

The study comes after TSB reported earlier this year that dating services boost the UK economy by a massive £11.7bn every year, by facilitating a growing number of dates across the country.

The report said that 33% of people have met potential partners through dating apps, and 14% of current relationships were said to have begun online.

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