Bumble Partners with Serena Williams for Major Marketing Campaign

Bumble’s latest large-scale marketing drive is set to be launched next month and will star tennis legend Serena Williams.

The year-long campaign is called “The Ball is in Her Court” and will encourage women to take control of their lives and make the first move in every possible situation.

The introduction of the promotion is expected to be during the Superbowl, which is taking place in Atlanta, Georgia on February 3rd.

Williams stated that the culmination of the NFL season was a great opportunity to spread the message of female empowerment and to get their voices heard. However, Bumble representatives have declined to confirm whether or not they will run a television advert during the game.

Speaking to Reuters, Williams said: “Society has taught us as women to kind of sit back and not necessarily be the first one to speak up. We want to take that and flip the story.

“We are letting people know we are not afraid. We no longer want to cower. We want to stand up. I would not be where I am today had I let the fear of making the first move hold me back.”

Bumble has just released a new advertising campaign in India. It features Bollywood actress and investor Priyanka Chopra and urges women to seek equality and push for their goals.

In November, the social app also sponsored a race and hosted a marquee at the Melbourne Cup Carnival, Australia’s most well-known horse racing event.

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