Bumble Tests Speed Dating Feature in UK

Bumble has been testing a speed-dating feature which allows people to join chats with other users before their images are revealed. If both parties want to continue talking, their profiles will then be uncovered.

The service appears as a game to users, who must click “play game” to initiate the service. They will then be given three minutes to chat with an anonymous counterpart before profiles are revealed and a decision to continue talking must be made.

Bumble, who is keeping quiet about the testing, did not confirm this new feature, shares TechCrunch. A Bumble spokesperson commented “At Bumble, we are always testing new and different ways for our community to connect”.

“Like all tests, we will collect feedback before deciding if we roll it out more widely,” they added.

Innovative forms of dating have been tested across the online dating market in the past. The Match Group tried out audio-visual tools for blind-date style features across some of its portfolio.

Tinder also had a Fast Chats feature where users had the chance to mingle before matching. Facebook tested a video speed-dating service but ended the service after limited popularity.

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