Californian Man Tricks Fiancee Into Wearing Heart Monitor As He Proposes


A Californian man has found out what happens to your partner’s heart rate when you propose.

Anthony O’Malley got the idea from an IT consultant and Reddit user, who last year posted a graph of his heart rate as he proposed to his girlfriend.

And O’Malley used the same idea, but tricked his fiancee into wearing a heart monitor as they hiked in Brazil.

On Reddit he said: “I told her we could compare heart rates over different hikes and that would have the hike to Pirenopolis and I would have it on the hike to Sugar Loaf mountain. I exported that info to excel and created a similar graph to the original post.”

The annotated graph shows his fiancee’s heart rate spiking to around 145 as he started to propose.

He then exported the data using Wahoo Tickr, to create an excel graph of her heart rate, and posted it online.

O’Malley told i100: “I am so happy I did it because it is a memory I can keep forever in physical form. I have the graph already printed out and framed so that I can be reminded each and every day of that incredible memory. I can see and feel each peak in heart rate. I can remember every high and exactly when it happened. It is a picture that draws questions and I just love it.”