Chispa and Voto Latino Reunite to Encourage Latinx Voters to Register and Vote

Chispa, the #1 dating app made for U.S. Latinx singles, has reunited with the grassroots political organisation Voto Latino to educate, empower, and mobilise the next generation of Latinx voters for the 2022 midterm election.

The two organisations partnered in 2020, during the Presidential election, to help motivate Latinx voters in what turned out to be a breakout year. According to the Centre for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies at City University of New York, more than 61% of all Latinos over 18 registered to vote, up 12 percentage points from 2016, and a record 88% of registered voters cast their ballots, the highest percentage ever! Latinx millennials also had the biggest jump in voter turnout, going from 47.4% in 2016 to 56.6% in 2020.

Rooted on Chispa’s mission of creating unity and connections through culture and shared values, this get-out-the vote collaboration between Chispa and Voto Latino is hoping to spark the same enthusiasm for the 2022 midterms, leveraging their extensive network and resources to mobilise eligible Latinos to the polls.

“Most people give very little thought to midterm elections,” said María Teresa Kumar, president, and CEO of Voto Latino. “However, given the surprising steps taken by the Supreme Court this summer and the continued speculation about the changes to come, it’s vital that people make their voice heard. The ballot box is the most important tool we have. Chispa helps us reach and activate one of the largest voting blocs in this country so we can share the information they need to register and make an informed choice at the ballot box.”

In addition to the partnership, Chispa has released new data to reveal the top issues among single Latinos this election cycle. Among the results:

  • 73% believe their vote will make a difference in 2022
  • 59% of those surveyed plan to vote in the midterms
  • Immigration, health care, and jobs/economy are the top three issues for Latino singles

With these insights in mind, Chispa will empower their users by providing tools to take action through curated content including:

  • Co-branded Voto Latino and Chispa voter registration page
  • Voter registration resources including how to check registration status, how and where to vote, and election reminders and deadlines
  • Voter profile sticker and new feature on the Chispa app to help members connect with their potential matches over key issues on the ballot

“We’re thrilled to rekindle this relationship with Voto Latino because it’s vital that we all work together to excite Latinos to vote in November,” said Julia Estacolchic, Head of Brand and Marketing of Chispa. “Chispa has become a platform for Latinx advocacy in the United States, celebrating our cultural pillars and being a resource for our community to ignite positive change.”

Luke Smith

Luke is the Editor for Global Dating Insights. Originally from London, he achieved a BA in Journalism from De Montfort University, Leicester. An experienced content writer, he enjoys a variety of sports, with a keen passion for his football team, Fulham FC.

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