Dating Apps Ideal for ‘Fun’ Brand Campaigns

A new opinion column in marketing industry publication The Drum has singled out dating apps as the perfect place to run fun brand campaigns.

It covers a range of promotions featured on dating apps over the past few years, beginning with Domino’s Pizza’s 2014 collaboration with Tinder.

The brand matched with over 700 singles on its advertising profile card, and was seen by some 230,000. 

The Domino’s campaign paved the way for other major companies, from Spotify to Uber, to give dating apps a try.

Domino’s campaigning on Tinder

Bumble has also participated in a number of innovative partnerships, notably hosting a movie night together with HBO at a $30 million flat in New York City.

The Drum’s Lily Aey makes the case that these campaigns are successful because of the light-hearted atmosphere dating apps are going for. 

She writes: “(…) people aren’t on dating apps for love anymore, they’re on them for s***s and giggles, and brands can leverage this very effectively.”

This point is evidenced by looking to dating app’s own marketing efforts. OkCupid’s DTF campaign and Single, Not Sorry from Tinder can both be read as examples of a move towards dating as entertainment.

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Scott Harvey

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