Dating Service Hamsan Is First Official Dating Site In Iran


A dating service called Hamsan has become the first matchmaking site to be officially allowed in Iran.

The site is the first to receive a permit from Iran’s Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports to be able to create an online dating service.

The site is a subsidiary of, an existing educational site for internet users, but doesn’t operate like most online dating sites.

Hamsan works as more of a listings site, letting users post details about themselves and what they are looking for in a potential spouse.

Members must include details about their height, weight, salary and information about their family, as well as undergoing a short psychological questionnaire.

Ali Nik Nafis from Iran’s Cyber Police unit said: “Until now, only this website has been able to receive the permit and the necessary approvals.

“No other website has a permit for matchmaking activities in the country.”

The service was first announced at the start of 2015, and is supposedly a reaction to the “immoral” online dating websites currently operating in the country.

Speaking to newspaper Arman, the deputy minister for youth and sport, Mahmoud Gholrazi, said around 300 “illegal and immoral” dating sites were currently operating in Iran.

The official government site seeks to promote marriage amongst the under-30s in the country, who make up 55% of Iran’s 77m population.

It is being run by around 100 people from the Islamic Development Organisation, which promotes Islamic lifestyle.