ExoClick Launches New Ad Exchange Platform

ExoClick has this week launched a new product offering with the release of an ad exchange service.

This comes as the Barcelona-based company rebrands itself as “The Innovative Ad Company”.

The move sees the ad business split its offering into two segments – its existing ad network and the new ad exchange service.

The ad exchange will enable publishers to monetise their traffic with both ExoClick’s network, and those run by other ad networks and DSPs.

This new platform currently has 30 partners plugged in and using the service.

ExoClick says its ad exchange is unique in that it offers full transparency, showing publishers which ad network or DSP is monetising their traffic.

It also allows publishers to disable specific demand partners at any time.

Speaking about the new ad exchange service, Benjamin Fonzé, ExoClick’s CEO and founder said: “By offering our clients both a network and an exchange they have more ways to generate revenues with our proprietary technology.

“This has led us to reposition ExoClick as a global ad company and is part of a strategic decision to expand our business eco system. This is just the start of a range of new products that we intend to launch in the near future.”

On the ad side, advertisers can now plug into the RTB exchange engine, which gives them access to multiple sources of direct quality inventory.

ExoClick explained: “Because ExoClick’s ad network platform is seamlessly integrated into the company’s ad exchange, advertisers have full access to all of ExoClick’s leading platform features including deep targeting, retargeting, real-time statistics, conversion tracking and big data analytical tools.

“The ad exchange’s RTB engine allows advertisers to really scale up their campaigns by gaining access to a massive global marketplace of 6 billion daily ad impressions.”

Access to the ExoClick ad exchange is currently limited to those that meet certain criteria – those who are interested should visit this link for more information.