Father Killed In Suspected Plenty Of Fish Date Set-Up

Plenty of Fish Murder

A single father-of-one was robbed and murdered as part of a suspected set-up by his Plenty of Fish match.

Adam Hilarie, 27, went bowling with 18-year-old Hailey Bustos last Thursday night, and on Friday his body was found in his apartment, following a robbery at his home which led to him being fatally shot in the head.

And reports have suggested that the robbery was a planned set-up by Bustos, his Plenty of Fish match, who has been charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery with a firearm and first degree murder, along with three other suspects.

Auburndale Deputy Chief Andy Ray said: “There was a struggle in there and then one of the guys shot him.

“Then they opened another door and started stealing his personal possessions and putting them in their car and then left.”

Among the stolen goods was a wallet, an iPhone, three flat screen TVs, an Xbox console and video games.

And according to the arrest report, Hilarie begged his assailants for his life, even mentioning his five-year-old daughter Lajaya in a failed attempt to save his life.

Police have also suggested that Bustos agreed to the date in the knowledge that she would later commit the robbery.

Auburndale Deputy Chief Andy Ray also said that this may not be the first offense of its kind committed by Bustos.

He said: “Her comfort with the way this went, didn’t seem like it was her first time. If she hasn’t done it before, then she has talked to people who have done it.”

Bustos was arrested with Andre Warner, Joshua Ellington and Gary Gray, who are all said to have been involved with the robbery and subsequent murder of Hilarie.

Bustos, Ellington and Gray have also been charged with violations of their probation.

On Monday, Bustos’ mother Christina posted a controversial status to her Facebook account, asking for people to pray for her family.

And the status caused some upset, with one of Hilarie’s friends commenting: “She may have not pulled the trigger but if it wasn’t for her none of this woulda happen.

“Even if she gets out the streets will get justice so it’s better for her to stay in jail, if you want her alive.”

Christina then replied, suggesting they let the courts do their job, before the friend concluded: “Adam was a good man. So there is no sympathy for you or your family.”

Hilarie’s family, including his daughter, have now set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for his funeral.