Filteroff Introduces Bots To Discourage Scammers

Filteroff has announced that it uses bots in an alternate dating pool to discourage scammers. Filteroff is a new video dating app created by Brian Weinreich and Zach Schleien. The app is a ‘video speed dating’ platform and as the number of users increased, so did the number of bots.

In order to combat the increase in bots, Filteroff has put a safety measure in place. When a user signs up for the app, the scammer detection system scans the profile in order to determine whether this person poses a risk of being harmful to other users.

When the system detects a scammer, they are taken out of the normal dating pool and placed into a ‘Dark Dating Pool’ which is filled with other problematic profiles and bots. The fake profiles are able to interact with the scammer profiles.

Filteroff found that their bots sounded human and that the scammers had no idea that they had been detected.