GDI Founder Simon Corbett to Speak at The European Summit

Simon Corbett

Simon Corbett, Founder of Global Dating Insights, is set to host a seminar at The European Summit in Prague on Saturday 15th September 2018.

The session is titled “Influencer Marketing and the Dating Industry”, and considers how celebrity has been used in the white label space (and across the industry) to drive acquisition.

The preview reads:

“One of the developments GDI has covered this year is the potential for white label dating brands to benefit from influencer marketing. We’ve seen a number of reality TV stars launch their own dating apps in collaboration with partners – Holly’s Hookups, This is Luv and Jem’s Playground being three. The partner pays the celebrity a flat monthly rate in exchange for their personal brand and some social media push, and they are able to drive signups with a far lower advertising cost than a generic hookup / dating site.

“Now there are several of these brands live and making money, it’ll be interesting to see how this part of the market evolves. It could be that consumers become jaded (“Just another celebrity dating app!”) and signups fall, or perhaps one or two of the most famous influencers will drive huge acquisition for one lucky partner.

“We’re not only seeing this in the white label dating space – Badoo, for example, has partnered with reality TV stars to push its brand. It’d be interesting to discuss this with other affiliate marketers from other verticals, and to see whether influencer marketing has been an effective strategy across niches. It’d also be good to cover the creative ways in which brand owners have thought to drive acquisition, via social media campaigns etc., and how successful this has been versus more traditional methods.”

Simon’s seminar will run from 11.00-11.50am in the Prague C Seminar Room. It is followed by an informal online dating industry meetup in the Rome meeting room, which runs until 12.50pm.

ExoClick are hosting an event afterparty at Duplex the same evening.

Visit The European Summit’s website here.

Scott Harvey

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