Skype to Remove ‘Highlights’ Feature After Complaints

Skype is set to remove features after a prolonged period of complaints from users.

In June 2017, Microsoft added ‘Highlights’ to Skype, which allowed users to upload disappearing photo stories to their profile. Many people called out the update by saying it was a rip-off of Snapchat.

Skype was also criticised for trying to rebrand as a social network, rather than just focusing on messaging and video/audio calls.

Some angry reviewers called it the “worst update ever”.

The BBC reports that Skype’s Design Director has admitted: “This past year we explored some design changes and heard from customers that we overcomplicated some of our core scenarios.”

Microsoft will now focus on making Skype less complicated and return it to its original functions, because the updates “didn’t resonate” with most users.

The number of options on the navigation bar will also be reduced to three by removing the Highlights and camera button.

Skype is one of the leading products in internet phone calls and video calls. However, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack and Telegram have all brought in similar functions that could potentially begin to edge out Skype.

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Dominic Whitlock

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