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Get Ready for International Friendship Day – 30 July

International Friendship Day is a UN backed international day and is just 10 days away. Taking place on the 30th, the day celebrates the power of friendship. The UN argues that the core answer to the world’s problems is collaboration and a shared human spirit and solidarity – and friendship is the simplest expression that we can all take part in. 

It’s as we previously covered – International Social Wellness month already – and international Friendship day caps off the month nicely. First proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 2011, the day is meant to inspire friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals. 

Now there is not much you and I can do as individuals to build friendship across international lines. But we can all do more to appreciate the value that friendships bring to our lives. We must nurture and maintain those we have already, but it is good to always be open to new friendships. 

Social discovery apps have made that easier than ever before. And we expect to see lots of activity from social discovery apps in the latter half of this month, advocating the day. A lot of international days can bring an eye roll, but this is one that really shouldn’t. Friendship, in  a post pandemic world, has never been more important – and why we are seeing the emergence of the social discovery industry.

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