Gleeden Releases Marital Intercourse Advice For Couples

Gleeden, one of the globe’s largest extramarital dating apps, has highlighted ten reasons as to why marital intercourse may become tedious. As an app made by women for women, they have suggested ways in which to break free from the cycle and reignite the passion in a physical relationship.

  1. Love language – By learning the desired love language of a partner it can help bridge the gap and strengthen the relationship as a whole. Each individual has different needs and by learning their preferred love language, their needs can be catered to.
  2. Don’t count – The number of times a couple engages in sexual intercourse does not enhance their relationship. In order to build quality, it is important to communicate and ask about the needs of the other person. 
  3. Comfort above all – A person being confident in their own body will help enhance sexual relations with their significant other.
  4. Let’s talk – Communication between people is vital in creating an understanding and building trust.
  5. Efforts needed – Efforts to impress should not decrease over the course of a relationship. By continuing to participate in activities such as smaller dates or taking trips can help keep the passion.
  6. Adding new passion – Dopamine, the hormone that creates romantic passion, is also released when a person undertakes a new task. 
  7. Cutting distance – Physical touch is a way in which to enhance an emotional bond and pull people closer together.
  8. Pen the thoughts – One way to express their needs to a significant other is for a person to write down any thoughts and feelings regarding a physical relationship.
  9. Doing exercise – Physical exercise helps to release tension within the muscles of the pelvic floor.
  10. Practising foreplay –  As an invaluable tool, foreplay can help break the monotony in the bedroom and bring a sense of vigour to a relationship.

Gleeden also recently released statistics showing an exponential rise in users since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gleeden said: The pre and the post-pandemic worlds have definitely been two drastically different periods. Our world has changed in each and every aspect and married relationships have seen a huge shift too. For the extra-marital dating app – Gleeden, studying these recent trends with their users gives us all a lot of insight into how Indian married couples look at monogamy and/or exclusivity within their relationships.

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