Gorillaz Member Noodle Gets OkCupid Profile That Hints At New Album Release

Gorillaz Noodle

Fictional Gorillaz guitarist & keyboardist Noodle has been spotted on popular dating site OkCupid.

First noticed by users of Reddit, the fictional Gorillaz musician is on the site identifying as a “Woman, Queer and Single,” and looking for “people, located anywhere, ages 18-99, for new friends”.

The dating profile was also linked to Noodle’s Instagram account, which was used to verify the OkCupid profile.

Most interesting to fans is what is written in the account’s bio, which reads “Ready? 12:11” signed “xx DA” – a hint that Gorillaz founder Damon Albarn is behind the OkCupid profile.

Fans have been speculating over what “Ready? 12:11” might mean, with many suspecting it could be the release date for the band’s new record.

After the profile received attention in the music press, the account was then removed from OkCupid, but not before the profile picture was changed from Noodle to Albarn – another hint the musician was behind the account.

To see the Reddit thread please click here.

Emma Woodley

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