Gutsy and VEE Founders to Launch Naked Dating App BARE

BARE is a startup app which combines online dating with sexting to offer a brand new matching experience.

Founded by Phil Beesley of Gutsy, Alex Sergent from VEE and Gillian Myhill, BARE will give singles the opportunity to choose how much or how little of their body they wish to reveal.

Users will upload a full body profile picture which will be seperated into six different sections. Potential matches will slide to reveal the individual sections, which can be fully clothed, partially clothed or completely naked.

In order to offer privacy and safety, faces and defining features will remain covered until an in-app conversation takes place and the individual gives explicit permission.

Beesley said in a statement: “BARE is normalising nudity, raising body confidence and encouraging people of all shapes and sizes to realise that their bodies are beautiful and there is someone there for everyone. Rather than mindfulness, we are all about bodyfulness.”

Myhill added, speaking to the Daily Star: “Everyone is sexting these days and we can make it safe and respectful. Of course you don’t have to get nude – you can choose to be semi-dressed or fully clothed, it’s all up to the individual with what they feel comfortable with”.

The launch is scheduled to take place at The Dating Show Live in Birmingham on 29th-30th June.

There is currently a waiting list available, and the first 5,000 sign ups will get access to undisclosed special features. Further, the first 5,000 women will receive a free six-month initial membership. A premium subscription will allow users to see all body sections, excluding the face, at once.

Visit the BARE website here.