Guurdoon: Somalia’s Marriage App

Guurdoon, which translates to “seeking marriage”, is helping Somalia’s singles to find love. The platform helps marriage-seeking individuals to connect, with tens of thousands of users signed up so far.

The app was founded by the Guryosamo family development centre, chaired by Ahmed Abshir Geedi. 

Geedi told news outlets that the centre recognised “the need for facilitating a platform where people of all ages can meet and find each other as partners since our youth are mainly on social media these days”.

The platform, which is available on the Android and iPhone app stores, requires subscribers to pay a $1 fee upon registration. It has seen Somalis, even those who live overseas, signing up in significant numbers.

While some have found the app useful, some conservative African communities are concerned about the platform and worry about the values it encourages.

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