Harry Potter Star Calls Out Catfish Tinder Profile That Stole His Photo


A Harry Potter star has warned fans not to trust a fake profile of him that appeared on dating app Tinder.

A Tinder user was recently found to have uploaded a photograph of James Phelps, who played Fred Weasley in the Harry Potter films, as his profile image on the popular dating app, calling himself Trent.

And earlier this month, Twitter user @BriMasterMcPhee called out “Trent” on the social network, saying: “When a guy tries to catfish you on Tinder but @James_Phelps was your childhood crush “.

She also uploaded a screenshot of the profile, which uses the same image as Phelps’ Twitter account.

Yesterday, Phelps responded to the use of his photo on the dating app in a tweet that read: “Oh dear…. For the record folks I am 100% NOT on Tinder….Nor is my name Trent.”

Check out the tweets below: