Inner Circle Launches ‘Dating With A Difference’ Events

Over the past few decades how single people approach dating has changed drastically and it is far from what older generations knew as ‘courting’. However, whilst swiping for a match opens up a user to a wider range of individuals, it can also be draining.

Inner Circle conducted research into how Covid affected dating and it was revealed that 80% of singles want to meet people in real life more than before the pandemic.

It was also shown that a third of singles think that approaching people in real life is less common in modern dating, and 87% feel that meeting someone at a singles event is more socially acceptable than before.

Inner Circle now offers dating with a difference, hosting events in London designed to bring singles together. These range from cocktail masterclasses to pop-up beach parties to food festivals. A team of people screen new members in order to ensure you are surrounded by like minded people who are looking for something serious.

In order to join in on these events, singles need to join Inner Circle, get a ticket to one of the events and turn up!

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