Inside The League’s ‘Goaldigger’ Campaign

The League is a Match Group platform that looks to connect high-achieving singles. The creatives behind its recent ‘Goaldigger’ campaign have shared new insights into how they are marketing to this ambitious demographic.

A new column from Little Black Book explores this marketing campaign, which was designed to get singles interested in forming a ‘power couple’ with a high-achieving partner. Creative agency Humanaut was given the task of bringing the campaign to life. 

“The League has always prided itself on being a dating app for high-achieving individuals. In this relaunch, we wanted to dial that up to 11,” said Bethany Maxfield, creative director at Humanaut.

“We knew that borrowing the cringy, familiar equity of ‘gold digger’ and flipping it on its head would help ‘Goaldigger’ plant roots in people’s brains.”

The analysis highlights that the campaign is unique in its message: that compatibility is about finding someone with compatible life goals, not just the right height or hair colour. This message fits nicely with The League’s new feature: GoalMate.

Humanaut played a key role in the origins and development of the GoalMate feature, Little Black Book reports. The creative agency helped craft the 100-plus unique goals that users can select to bring them one step closer to finding their ambitious partner.

“With our first national brand campaign, we were committed to goal all the way!” said Amanda Bradford, CEO and founder of The League. 

“Breakup summer is over, and singles are ready to start connecting on things that matter — goals, ambition, and drive. Our new campaign encourages singles’ to embrace their big goal energy and use The League to find ambitious, goal-getters like themselves”, Bradford continued.

The new ‘Be a Goaldigger’ campaign will see advertisements placed at three New York subway stations, a large billboard in the Financial District, and placements across Los Angeles International Airport.

Photos courtesy of Little Black Book.

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