Male Trump Supporters Are Losing 40% Of Their Dating Pool


As this year’s US presidential race continues to unfold, popular dating site PlentyOfFish has been looking at just how much political views effect the dating choices of American singles.

The site recently surveyed a pool of more than 4,000 American singles aged 18 and above about their personal political views, in an effort to find out just how much people consider politics when choosing their romantic partners.

When asked if they would date someone who has drastically different political views than them, 44% of participants answered yes, with 25% saying no and 31% undecided on the issue.

Breaking this down further, PlentyOfFish found that 58% of men who support Donald Trump’s run for the
presidency would be willing to date a Democrat, however just 19% of Democrat women said they would date a Trump supporter.

During the study, the dating site revealed even more bad news for male Trump supporters looking for dates, finding that just 33% of all women surveyed would be open to dating someone who supports him.

And according to PlentyOfFish, this means that these men are immediately losing access to 40% of their dating pool just by supporting Trump’s run for presidency.

Who is the average male Trump supporter?

In addition to the dating behaviour of American singles, the demographic make-up of the average male Trump supporter was also investigated by the dating company.

The research confirmed that the candidate’s average male follower is caucasian, in his early 50s and has a slightly lower than average education.

It also noted that singles with a high school education are more than twice as likely to support Trump than people with a higher level of education.

PlentyOfFish added that caucasian men who support Trump are also less than half as likely to send a message to someone of a different ethnicity than non-supporters.

In terms of the upcoming election, the survey found that among the participants, Bernie Sanders is the most favoured candidate, despite just 31% identifying as a Democrat.

More than 71% of the American singles who took part said they plan to vote in the upcoming election.

Commenting on the results, PlentyOfFish’s Public Relations and Communications Manager, Shannon Smith said: “Singles are passionate enough about politics to completely write off the possibility of a future with someone based on their views, offering some insight into how deeply people value true compatibility in their relationships.

“One thing we were pleased to see in the results was the overwhelming majority of singles who are planning to exercise their right to vote.”

The US election has been something that a number of other dating companies have got involved with in recent months – Tinder adding an in-app issues quiz to find singles their perfect presidential candidate, and rival Bumble releasing profile themes to let users show support for their favourite candidate.

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