Match Launches Free Flower Delivery Service for Valentine’s Day

Match is launching a new Valentine’s flower delivery service to try and encourage everyday romantic gestures.

Match’s aim is to help singles show their interest to someone in real life, and to unite the virtual and real worlds of dating.

Members will have the opportunity to to send a free bouquet of flowers to their crush on Valentine’s Day to try and get a date.

Match conducted some research from 908 members aged between 18-50+ years old, and 70% agreed that they would love to receive flowers from a secret crush. 68% also said that they would be flattered if they received flowers.

The bouquet giveaway will go live on 14th February 2018 between 00.00am and 11.59pm. Match members will be able to send a bouquet of pink and white roses – a button will appear on their profile to direct them to this option.

The recipient will then receive a notification to accept or decline the gift. Their bouquet will then arrive to their doorstep between 15th-17th February.

According to the research, both single males and females (62%) said they thought Valentine’s Day is a “nice way of expressing how you feel about someone” and over two thirds (69 per cent) said they’d like to receive a gift.

Abbie Oguntade, Match’s vice-president of Northern Europe, said: “At Match, we work hard to facilitate real life connections between people. That’s why we’re bridging the gap between online dating and real life during Valentine’s Day – the universal day of love – by combining the giving away of a flower bouquet, a traditional romantic gesture, with today’s modern digital experience.”

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