Medium Opens $5 Subscription Program To All Writers On The Platform

Medium Premium

Medium is extending its subscription service to let all writers and publishers on the platform put their content behind the paywall.

Readers will be able to access the content behind this metered paywall by paying $5 a month.

Prior to this, the $5 subscription service gave payers access to exclusive content from top writers and big media partners, but was not open to all writers on the platform.

Now, any blogger on the platform can choose to put their content behind a paywall, and earn money from those who read their work.

This is part of Medium’s drive to create a new revenue system for Medium and its writers that is not based on advertising.

As Medium CEO Ev Williams said in a blog post introducing the expansion: “Our subscription strategy is based on a simple idea: By charging readers directly, we can make the experience and the content better, which creates a no-brainer proposition for anyone who values their time.

“By eschewing ads, we remove conflicts between serving our readers and serving those paying the bills.

“Starting today, anyone can enroll in our Partner Program and earn money based on the depth and value they provide to members, not the fleeting attention they deliver to advertisers.”

The subscription service also includes access to exclusive stories and audio version of articles.

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