Meetic’s Head of Display Europe Talks Mobile Marketing With Liftoff

Thomas Hadjadj

Meetic’s Head of Display for Europe recently spoke with Liftoff about the dating company’s mobile marketing strategy.

Thomas Hadjadj has been at Meetic for almost eight years, initially representing France then becoming Head of Display for Europe.

Hadjadj tells Liftoff about Meetic’s strategy of constantly trying to release new features and updates to keep users interested and give them things to interact with.

The exec talks about the importance of creating lookalike audiences to better target campaigns, and how Meetic has sought to better monetise the app over the past year.

Hadjadj says: “We decided to boost our investments in our apps. We’re spending a lot of time on optimization and we are tracking way more things than in the past.

“We do not only optimize on the form but are also looking at how users behave while they’re in the app. We are able to identify users who have a higher propensity to subscribe by looking deeper into how users navigate in our apps.”

Check out the interview here.