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Meta Commits To New AI Roll Out

Meta has recently announced a whole suite of new AI features and tools coming to its host of platforms. Meta claims the use of such tech, though generated by something non-human, helps generate better human connections.

So how? One of the new possibilities is an AI sticker across the app. Stickers are used in place of words and emojis to convey their feeling by many – but you are of course limited to what is available on the app. Meta’s new system will allow for the creation of the unique stickers that capture your feeling in the precise moment.

As meta shows in its example – if you want a ‘super happy racoon on motorcycle’ sticker – you can ask the AI sticker to create that for you. Image editing to change your background or to apply a particular style is also becoming available that uses AI tech. The idea behind these AI technology is to create completely unique and special images or stickers that are curated perfectly for you and your friends. 

The Meta AI assistant is also soon to be available on WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram. This is Meta’s answer to ChatGPT and the like, and can act as another ‘person’ to talk to and ask questions. It can even be included in group chats – to perhaps make suggestions for activities and plans a friendship group should do. 

Perhaps the strangest announcement of all is the release, in the US for now, of a further 28 AIs with unique personalities. But each AI has been partnered with cultural icons to embody them. Your AI of choice can be based on celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, Mr Beast or Naomi Osaka. Who needs friends when you have AIs like these?

Ai is becoming more and more accessible to companies of all sizes around the world. From the biggest corporations to the smallest start-ups – AI technology is here to stay and embed itself in our apps, platforms and day-to-day life. Meta says it is taking the rollout slowly and cautiously – but is also making its tech available to other companies and businesses to create their own AI tools in the future. 

The key is to create AI technology that helps bring us together – not push us further apart – only talking to perfectly omniscient AI creations. 

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