Pairs Releases Report Looking At Advisory Board Set Up To Tackle Declining Birth And Unmarried Rates In Japan

Pairs has released a report outlining the findings of the advisory board set up to tackle the declining birth rates and the level of unmarried people across Japan. As part of efforts to contribute to solving the issue of declining birthrate, the second “Advisory Board for Thinking about Improving the Declining Birthrate and Unmarried People” was held three times from October to December 2021.

Some of the findings in the report look at how in recent years, the declining birthrate and levels of unmarried people had accelerated across Japan, causing a serious social issue. According to the 2020 vital statistics released by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in September 2021, the number of marriages was 525,507, a decrease of 12% compared to the same period of the previous year, and the number of births was 840,835 , compared to the same period of the previous year. It decreased by 2.8%, the lowest since the survey started in 1899 .

In the first “Advisory Board for Thinking about Improving the Declining Birthrate and Unmarried People” from May to September 2020, “Young people’s love affairs”, “Factors of unmarried people”, and “Young people’s love affairs and unmarried people”, Pairs will hold three discussions on the theme of “Measures to eliminate unmarried people”, analysing the factors and issues of the declining birthrate and unmarried people from various perspectives, and how the matching app can contribute to the elimination of unmarried people.

The percentage of unmarried people who have no dating partner in the first place increased from 35% in 1987 to 64% in 2015 as a factor for unmarried people. Based on the fact that it is increasing year by year by 4, as a pre-dating / marriage issue, the Pairs board will discuss the positive aspects of having a partner, the merits and ripple effects from various angles, and disseminate it to society. The purpose was to be a driving force to change the current situation of declining birthrate and unmarried people. Discussions will be divided into three meetings from October to December 2022 by members of different disciplines such as economics, marketing, psychology / communication, and new values of the millennial generation

Read the full report into the Advisory Board here.

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