Pairs Releases Survey For Unmarried People In Japan

Eureka Co. Ltd, the operators of Pairs, has recently used a survey ‘Fact-finding Survey of Unmarried People for Measures to Counter the Declining Birthrate in Anticipation of the After-Corona’. This survey was conducted with Japan Research Institute Co. Ltd.

In order to solve the problem of unmarried people, which is pointed out as a factor in the declining birthrate, this survey was conducted by Eureka in order to analyse the current situation regarding love and marriage among unmarried people, and to understand the actual situation of activities for marriage of unmarried people and married people. 

Conducted jointly with the Japan Research Institute in June 2021 for approximately 6,000 men and women in their 20s to 40s, both married and unmarried nationwide. Based on the survey data, the following is what Eureka analysed with a focus on matching apps.

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