Friend-Finding App Palaround Now Lets You Create Your Own Tinder-Style Swiping App


Friend-finding startup Palaround has just created a new platform that lets any organisation create a Tinder-style app from their own private networks.

The company has started rolling out its latest venture, where you can set up an exclusive platform for any purpose – whether it be to create buzz around a specific event, or to facilitate general conversation between people with mutual interests.

Much like a white label platform, the service gives organisations – whether universities, conferences or businesses – the chance to build a networking app, which is created and run on Palaround’s host platform.

Networks created through Palaround’s platform have familiar features often seen on modern dating apps, such as Facebook registration and one-on-one chat interfaces between users that have connected.


Most notably, the platforms developed through Palaround will adopt the typical “swipe right” functionality made famous by leading dating app, Tinder.

How it works

Upon joining, users receive match suggestions based on their location, employment and mutual friends, which they can anonymously swipe through to connect with people they are interested in.

After every 20 people a user comes across, the app will ask them a few questions to help the platform better determine potential matches for that individual.

And like most dating apps, once two people are connected, they are able to chat via the network’s messaging feature, getting to know each other through various icebreaker activities and personality quizzes.

In addition to these standard features, members can also take advantage of a group chat option, where they can add all of their contacts to one chat interface, which is known as a “society”.


Getting started with Palaround

According to Palaround, the setup process for organisations is straightforward – after setting up an account, a company can import an email list, after which each subscriber automatically receives an invite link.

And in terms of cost, prices vary based on a number of factors – the number of members a company wants in its network, the amount of GB data and storage that is needed, and the level of support it requires.

Palaround is offering a $29-a-month “Starter” pack and a $99-a-month “Business” package, which will allow 1,000 and 10,000 users respectively.

And boasting a fast setup time of just three minutes, Palaround is positioning itself as a simple and cost effective solution for companies who want to connect and drive interactions between their like-minded customers.

A beta version of the service is already being tested by 50 companies worldwide including Lexus, Toyota and the University of Miami, as well as a number of gyms and two wedding parties.

To find out more about Palaround, watch the video below: