Poze – The Dating App for Shared Charitable Causes

A new dating app has launched in the US which looks to connect singles based on their shared values and favourite charitable causes. Poze is trying to spark connections beyond just surface-level traits, looking at alignment of deeper values.

“In a socially conscious society, there are few things that say more about a person than the way in which they give to charity”, the Poze website states.

The matching system does not rely on swiping, but rather a system of bidding. The platform operates a blind bid structure where singles (known as Pozers) will receive bids from other users looking to take them out on a date.

Pozers can then meet with whomever of the Top 5 Bidders they feel most compatible with. There is no obligation to go out with whoever bids the highest.

The money put up by the winning bidder is then sent to a charity of the Pozer’s choosing, minus other transaction fees. All the other money put up by bidders is returned to them so they can continue bidding on dates with other Pozers.

This system “ensures that users back up their words with actions”, Poze explains. It also prevents bots and scammers from using the platform maliciously. 

The platform projects that it will facilitate up to $1 Billion in charitable donations per year from users of the app. Poze is available on Android and iOS, available to anyone with a U.S.-based telephone number.

Find out more about the platform on its website here.

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