ProductHunt Release New Set Of Tools To Help Companies Get Noticed


ProductHunt has launched new tools to help startups get noticed on the platform.

Called Ship, the tools are designed to help companies “find and communicate with their users” all in one place.

ProductHunt said the tools are for anyone building a product, whether pre-launch, launching or post-launch.

The features include the ability to create a “coming soon” landing page that has built-in discovery features, allowing new companies to collect email addresses from people interested in the product.

This page is completely customisable, allowing startups to change the text, color theme, and add images, videos or GIFs.

Ship also includes a messaging feature, which allows you to broadcast updates, get feedback and build a community on ProductHunt.

The company said messages are “delivered to your subscribers’ email inbox and include a link to join a discussion, where they can ask questions and discuss feature ideas.”


ProductHunt said: “While it’s a great time to be a maker, it can be difficult to get visibility for your product in an increasingly saturated market as technical risk to launch has lowered and more products fight for attention.

“Many start thinking about discovery and distribution the moment they launch publicly, enlisting the services of a #GrowthHacker or community manager often after the product’s shipped. While there’s no right way to startup, we believe audience and community-building should start on day 1.

“We believe those that build product alongside their users stand a better chance of building something people want and establishing a base of evangelists to help spread the word. Don’t underestimate the power of 1,000 true fans.”

Find out more about the suite of tools here.