Sean Rad Speaks About Using Australia As Tinder’s Test Market


Before it rolls out a new feature around the world, Tinder almost always tests it with users in Australia.

Co-founder & chairman Sean Rad recently spoke about why the Match Group-owned app uses Australia as its test market in an interview with Mashable.

Rad revealed one of the main reasons is that Australians give “rampant” feedback on new product updates, saying: “They’ll send in customer support feedback or feedback on Twitter, or try and reach out to tell us what they like or don’t like.”

The co-founder, who recently stepped down as CEO to lead Swipe Ventures, said: “Australians are, I guess, really early adopters — more open minded and quicker to try new things and that’s why we test all of our stuff here first. It’s the perfect space for us.”

Both Tinder Boost and Tinder Social were heavily tested in Australia before receiving a worldwide launch, helping the Hollywood company tweak the features and pricing.

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